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{January 30, 2011}   Trying Something New!

So, I have been having a lot of pain since July of 2009. I was unable to find the trigger that has caused all this pain and my doctor has resorted to different kinds of pain killers to help manage my condition. This is not something that makes me extremely happy, as I hate taking medicine, let alone pain killers.

I have gained at least 30 pounds if not more over the last year. My Dr. told me that the more I way the worst off my condition will be. This does make a lot of sense to me, so when I went to my primary, they advised me that the current method of birth control I am taking, it will be almost impossible to lose the weight while taking it. So I started thinking, I feel awful all the time anyway, so I might as well discontinuing this medication. This got me thinking some more, that this medication is the only thing that has really changed for me over the last year and a half. This could possibly be the trigger I have been searching for all this time. So far for me at least, the depo shot does not seem to be worth it. The weight gain alone is enough to keep me far, far away from it.

Recently, I have been out sick because of the intense pain that I have right now. My back feels like “Humpty Dumpty” put it together totally wrong. My doctor explained to me that part of this could be of the osteo that I have in my back. She said that it is so minute that it’s not noticeable without an x-ray, but it is there.

I have my kids this weekend and I feel like a complete bum. I haven’t wanted to move. I do not like them paying for my condition. I recently went out and purchased a cane to help me out when Chris is at work and for just being out and about. I mainly use it to help me stand and on my really bad days I will use it to keep me upright while walking. We went out to McDonald’s yesterday and one of the employees told my boyfriend to stop hitting me, thinking he was being friendly. He then asked what I did to myself. I thought this was very intrusive, rude and a little creepy. I know that this guy was just trying to be nice but he was a little too friendly. he first took notice of my children and Chris was up at the counter so it appeared that we were all alone. I guess I’m a little more paranoid when it comes to my kids.

I will keep you all posted on how I am feeling. I am hoping that I will start to feel better as soon as the end of February.


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