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{August 26, 2010}   Lab Rat

Sometimes this is what I feel like.  My doctor keeps trying more and more medicines and nothing really seems to help.  I think that I have taken so many medicines within the last 6 months that I could start my own pharmacy.

Most of these medicine’s don’t even help.  My stomach was upset for several days so I stopped taking any meds in fear that it would make it worse.  I stopped having really sharp pains throughout the entire day.  I thought that maybe I was doing myself a favor but once I went back to work, it started all over again.

So now I have to get my FMLA papers filled out again.  I left a message for them to call me back to schedule an appointment and after 2 days and they have not called me back yet. 

Anyway, my feet are getting worse and it’s getting harder and harder for me to walk around.  So I’ll be calling to make an appointment and see what they can do for me this time around.

Work is going great and for the most part I can make it through the day without too much pain but I still need to take some meds.  I miss my old team mates and my old shift but I’m happy with the experience that I am getting for my hard work.

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