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{March 5, 2010}   My Day!!

So, as I said earlier, I did not go into work today. I have felt very badly all day. My boyfriend asked me to get up and go with him just to get a little exercise. He was thinking that it may loosen me up a bit.

So went went to a couple furniture stores just to look around a little and also so we could walk without the cold and wind bothering us so much. He also figured that they wouuld have nice comfy seats to sit in if I needed to take a break.

We found a couple ideas for the apartment as well. As we were walking about my sister calls and wanted to see how I was doing. I guess she figured that I wasn’t feeling well and she stayed home from work too.
We got to talking about work and the positions we are both going for.

As I was on the phone with my sister Chris, my boyfriend, decided to go to his Dad’s house. I love going to his Dad’s house, it’s very comfortable and we have good conversations.

His Dad likes to watch old black and white movies and I find myself drawn into them everytime. So we are talking about his old school and my phone rings, it’s work. I couldn’t hear the person on the other end. They hang up and try again.

This time I hear them and it’s the recruiting agent from HR. I’m thinking to myself, this is too soon, I didn’t get it. Her voice is the same as it was when she told me no the last time. Just by this, I am instantly thinking No.

She says that they decided to more forward and offer me the position!! All I can think of at this time is, I GOT IT!!!!! I’m listening to her tell me the specifics about the hours and days in disbelief. I start Monday.

So although I am in agony and the day was kind of bad for that, I had one hell of a day.

I GOT IT!!!!!!


Yeah, I am so damn thrilled for you. You so deserve it. Nice when a really crappy days turns out so good good.

Love ya chickie.

Thanks Rebecca! It means a lot. I won’t be a stranger either. I’ll come over and say Hi every now and again. I will make a point out of being around Wendesday this week. Make sure you bring your behind to work that day!
Itdefinitely turned my day around.

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