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{March 5, 2010}   My Chris!

Chris is a wonderful boyfriend. He is always looking out for me and my girls. He does lots of things to make us happy and goes above and beyond to make everything special.

For Christmas he bought the girls the “Big” toy they both wanted behind my back to surprise us all. He does little considerate things, like massages or trips to Chuck e Cheese’s.

When I am hurting and just having an all around bad day, he does everything for me. He doesn’t let me lift a finger and will literally wait on me hand and foot. He puts up with my crap when the pain gets so bad that I’m just snapping at everything.

He doesn’t lose his temper with me and never yells back. I hate that I do take things out on him, just because of the pain. He understands where others would not.

I just really can’t say how much it means to me to finally have a REAL partner in life. To know that everything will be okay and that I can always count on him. He knows that I am also there for him too. When he doesn’t feel well I try to take care of him, but he’s still concerned about me.

I love that my girls love him and he them. They get along, play and generally have fun whenever we are all together.

I can’t say how much I love him. I only know that as the days go by, it just get stronger. I will be by his side for as long as he’ll have me.



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