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{March 4, 2010}   More Pain

On Monday I doubled my medication like my doctor told me to do.  Well It worked, I was virtually pain free on Tuesday.  This was good because I had an interview at my job for another position.  My interview went well and I got some very helpful feedback.

Well you can imagine my excitement that I had a REALLY good day.  That was very short lived.  When I awoke this morning I was in complete agony.  I really had to find extra will power and use everything I had to get up and go into work this morning. 

I try not to tell my boyfriend about all the pain because really, how depressing is it to hear about someone’s pain everyday?  So I got up before he did and took my shower, and did the best I could to cover it the pain.  He still saw it but I think I masked most of the pain.  Nights are extremely hard at night because he is a wild sleeper and I often get jarred by him moving about in bed.  Most days I get a fist in my face, doesn’t hurt mind you but it’s enough to get my attention and wake me up.

So I took my medicine again tonight and we will see how I do in the morning.  I am hoping that I do not wake up in agony.


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