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{February 25, 2010}   Oh, the pain today

The pain today is worse than the pain I went to bed with last night?  I don’t even think that when I finally closed my eyes last night, that I gave it 2 thoughts as to how I would feel in the morning. 

I have awoken early so I start early.  I realize this is my body telling me that it’s going to take you longer to get ready this morning.  So I begin. 

I hobble on in to the kitchen because I forgot to set my coffee.  I find my clothes and shower.  Showers usually take the normal person 5 maybe 10 minutes right?  On a morning like this, I’m lucky if I’m done in 20 minutes.  After I’m done here I realize, it’s a little chilly outside and you just washed your hair.  Guess I have to blow dry it.  That’s fine maybe I can straighten it, make it look like a good day.  No, half way through I start hearing the windchimes outside.  They have been blowing all morning but never registered in my mind that it was windy outside.  BAD HAIR DAY!!!

Then we wake the boyfriend, or attempt to anyway.  This is usually a 30 minute battle that I eventually win.  But it is still so damn annoying playing Alarm Clock. 

So today starts in agony, maybe I won’t be on the phones today.  If so, I may just have to leave early.  But, I’m making the effort to motivate myself and go in to begin with.  Usually once I’m there, I figure you’ve come this far, might as well stay for the day!

Happy Day to All!


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