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{February 25, 2010}   Lovey

My Lovey! He is wonderful to me. Most of the time he understands me. He tries to take care of me to the best of his ability.  He basically waits on me hand and foot.  Gets me what ever I want.  Every now and then he gets me a little something that says I love you.  No matter the number of times I tell him to stop buying me stuff, he is still forever bringng stuff back.

I will do anything for him and he for me.  The most wonderful this is that he and my kids get along wonderfully.  My girls love to come over and see him.  They play games, watch movies and read stories together.  He loves every minute of it, even when we have to make them eat their food.

If I were here today without him, I do not thing that I would be able to do half the things that I do.  I don’t think I tell him enough about how great I think he is for me.  I know he just does things because that’s what he thinks is best and usually it is.  I would not trade him for anything in the world.

I Love You Lovey,

Your Baby =)


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