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{February 25, 2010}   Fibromyalgia

For those of you out there that have Fibro, here are a few things that I have learned from my doctor.

Stay away from red meat, starches, wheat and yeast.  These are all things that can and will cause flare ups that put you on your ass. 

Speaking from experience, it is a hard diet to follow, but if you can manage to deal with the sparse pickings, you can manage most of your pain.

Cold weather or changes in the barometer will also cause flare ups that you can not control.  I thought living in Florida would be the best for me so it was a good thing I already lived here.  But I have learned this year that we have weather changes that can cause so much pain that it cripples you for days on end.  You can bearly get up and use the restroom that’s how much you hurt.

I bring this up because today I really wanted to die.  I was in such pain that I wanted to leave work.  My boyfriend was giving me pep talks about how strong I am and that I can make it.  I know that this is his way to be supprtive and help me make it through the day.  But I really just wanted to be cuddled today.  “Sure baby, I understand I can see the pain all over your face, let’s go home.” That’s what I wanted to hear.  But instead, I got what I needed to hear and that is the best support that I could ask for.

I had to concede just a little and ask my Supervisor for a pass and change of assignment with tears in my eyes.  She could tell I was doing everything I could not to cry and again she had me stay when I could see she wanted me to go home.  If I feel this horrible in the morning, I may not be able to manage it 2 days in a row, but I’ll damn sure try!

Keeping looking for ways to manage the pain.  As I find things, I will post them.  If anyone out there knows something that I don’t or just wants to share something about the pain, please do.  I can use all the advise that I can.

Peace & Love to All


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